Camp Registration Information

Homewood Camp and Parksville Quilt House Quilter’s Guild Policies:


  • The camp has a policy of no alcohol or cannabis consumption on the premises.

  • You are asked to arrive after 10:00 am on the first day

  • There will be no retail or commercial activity allowed at any Guild retreat

Food Allergies

  • The camp will do their best to accommodate actual food allergies and medically diagnosed conditions (eg. celiac), but not food preferences and diets.

Roommate/Sewing Mate Preferences

  • You can indicate a room and sewing buddy, but must confirm with them before applying.

Sew Ezi Tables

  • If you plan to bring and use a Sew Ezi table please advise the Retreat Coordinator. Also you must bring a 4 foot table for your own use. Your Sew Ezi table plus your 4 foot table will be used instead of the camp’s 8 foot table.

Cancellation Policy

  • Your deposit is non-refundable unless a replacement can be found. If a waitlisted person is referred to you, they are responsible for paying you the deposit amount.

  • If you have paid in full and need to cancel prior to the retreat, and cannot find a replacement you will not receive a refund.

***Exception: Should our retreat be cancelled by Homewood or because of Covid 19, all monies will be REFUNDED TO PARTICIPANTS***


  • We take your safety and the security of your belongings very seriously, but we cannot be liable for any personal injury, loss/theft or damage any time during the retreat. Your attendance constitutes your agreement to indemnify the Parksville Quilt House Quilter’s Guild and Camp Homewood from any claim for injury, loss or damage for any reason. You are responsible for any damage to retreat property, facilities or equipment caused by you through negligence or wilful intent.

Payment Information

  • A $50.00 deposit is required. Payment can be made by e-transfer, cash or cheque.

  • For the OCTOBER RETREAT, the balance owing is due by September 1.

  • For the JANUARY RETREAT, the balance owing is due by November 1.

  • Organizers will send you out an email indicating the balance you are owing approximately 4 weeks prior to being due.

To register online, complete and submit the Camp Homewood Registration Form.