Comfort Quilts

Our guild members have always enjoyed helping others and to formalize this generosity, a group called "The Comfort Quilts Committee” was established to provide assistance to our generous quilters and to organize the delivery of their work to others.

We deliver quilts to organizations in Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum Beach and Port Alberni.  The recipients include regional hospitals (NICU, Maternity, Renal Unit, Cancer Clinic), care homes, transition houses, hospices and women’s shelters.

Members Role

As a guild member, we hope you will make one quilted item each year for charity.  You can donate a completed quilt, or use fabrics and kits supplied by the Comfort Quilt Committee.

Comfort Quilts Day

Twice a year in September and February, the Guild holds a Comfort Quilt Day where members get together and sew, sew, sew to make lots of quilts to distribute.  It's a great time to make progress while enjoying the company.  There are lots of materials, kits and patterns onsite.  Batting cutting goes on all day.  Plan to attend for the fun and comradery!

Please ask any questions you may have online or at meetings!

Comfort Quilt Guidelines

Fabric:  Use 100% cotton fabric.  Backing can be “flat” cotton or flannel.  All materials used should be washed in scent-free laundry products.

Batting:  Use cotton or cotton blend batting. The Comfort Quilt Committee provides batting and backing to finish tops made by our members.

Quilting:  Hand or machine quilt 4” apart.  Do not tie the quilt or sew with invisible thread, buttons, or other embellishments.

Kits:  We provide kits for tops, and ‘numbered’ kits, which include a sewn top, batting, backing, and a Guild label.

Labels:  Guild labels are available and must be sewn on each quilt.  Members with embroidery machines can use the following links to print Guild labels:

Label Art: Right click on the file name of your choice below and choose to save the file.


Quilt Sizes:


  • Preemie wraps – approx. 10 x 20, flannel both sides (envelope style).
  • Preemie quilts – 36 x 36 minimum, flannel backs, batting optional
  • Spit up cloths – 8 x 10 – 1 layer flannel with serged edges


Baby quilts:  Up to 44” x 48”.

Lap quilts:

  • Chemo and Dialysis – Approx. 50 x 60, cotton backing
  • Care Homes – 40 x 40 or larger, cotton or flannel backing.  Fidget quilts are also appreciated.
  • Hospice – Approx. 60 x 72, cotton or flannel backing



  • Placemats – Approx. 12 x 18 regular or holiday prints.
  • Christmas stockings – various sizes but 18 – 20” length minimum
  • We can find a home for larger quilts, wall hangings, etc.