Privacy Policy

Parksville Quilthouse Quilters’ Guild (PQHQG) Privacy Policy


a) General:

  1. The Guild will maintain best practices for the privacy and protection of members’ information according to Provincial and Federal Guidelines. (Sept. 2015).

  2. The Directors will be responsible for ensuring the Guild complies with the Act.

  3. The Guild's privacy policy will be included in the policy manual and available to the public under “About Us” on the Guild's website.

3. Purpose:

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) of BC, any personal information collected or requested on any PQHQG forms (membership, registrations, and raffle tickets etc.) will be used by the PQHQG only for the purposes of conducting guild business such as:

  1. Maintaining a current list of members of the Guild as required by the Societies Act;

  2. Maintaining a mail and/or email distribution list for the purpose of distributing the Guild’s newsletter, electronic communications, creating distribution lists of workshop and/or program registrants;

  3. Maintaining a current membership list online which is available to other members of the Guild, to be used as deemed reasonable and /or necessary regarding matters solely related to the operation of the Guild.

  4. The statement “I understand that my personal information will be included on the membership list, which is only distributed to and used by members of the PQHQG for guild related business, and I will comply with same”, forms part of the new/renew Membership Registration forms.

  5. Members wishing to correct or change personal information may do so by contacting the Membership Chair. Changes will generally be acted upon on receipt of the request and in compliance with this policy.

  6. Any personal information gathered from the sale of raffle tickets for the Guild's purposes will not be used for any purpose other than contacting raffle winners. (Sept. 2011)

b) Disclosure:

  1. Personal information collected will not be disclosed to any third party without consent and will be retained only for the fiscal year in which it as collected. In June of the following fiscal year, membership and other registration forms will be destroyed in a confidential manner.

  2. The PQHQG newsletter will be accessible only to the membership. (Jan. 2021). The use of full names in the newsletter will be the default. (Jan. 2021) A member may request through the Newsletter Editor that only their first name and last initial be used.

  3. The use of first names and last initials will be the default on any area of the PQHQG website that is accessible to the public. The use of full names in the PQHQG website areas that are accessible only to the membership will be the default. A member may request through the Website Liaison that only their first name and last initial be used in the Members Only area of the website, where applicable.

  4. At the beginning of each meeting of the Guild where pictures are likely to be taken, the chairperson will advise that that pictures may be taken and if anyone would prefer not to have their picture or a picture of their quilt appear on the website or in the newsletter, they should make a personal request to this effect. (Sept. 2011)