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  • There are only 8 months of the year that books can be borrowed: September, October, November, January, February, March, April and June.
  • You may take out as many books as you like!
  • Please remember where you have left your library books because the librarian will nag you if they are overdue.
  • If you cannot attend a meeting to return your books when they are due, please send the librarian a message. Your message should include your name, membership number and all of the book numbers.
  • There is a charge for overdue books.
  • You must always show your membership number when borrowing books. DO NOT LET OTHERS USE YOUR NUMBER. If you do and they lose the book, the loss becomes your responsibility.
  • The library book listing is on the website. If you would like to reserve a book, please send a note to the librarian and she will locate the book for you and let you know when it will be available.
  • If you borrow one of the newer books (identified by their numbers 1150 and up) please ensure that you return as soon as you are finished with it, so that others may borrow these newer books.