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Library Information

  • You must show your up-to-date membership card to borrow books.

  • Items may not be removed from the library area prior to being processed by a library worker.

  • You may not borrow materials if you have unreturned items.

  • Books may be borrowed throughout the year, with the exception of May, July, August, and December.

  • Each member may borrow 5 items for the month (5 books or 5 CDs or 5 magazine packages, or some combination of books, CDs, magazines).

  • There is a charge of $1.00 per book/CD/magazine per month for overdue items. Make every effort to return your borrowed items on time. If you cannot get to a meeting, have another member return your borrowed items for you or, in extreme circumstances, ask to have them collected from you. Remember that you are responsible for the items you borrow.

  • Overdue fees and monies collected for lost or damaged books/CDs/magazines are put toward the purchase of new items for the guild library.

  • To ensure that items circulate among the membership, you may not renew your books, CDs or magazine packages.

  • If you have a suggestion for a book that should be in the library, please let the librarian know.

  • You can contact the librarian here.

Darlene L and Marlene W